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   I'm a Computer Engineer


I'm expert in programming C, C++ and HTML / CSS

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Main address: 66054 Vasto, ITALY
E-mail: email(at)
Gabriele Romano ME

Simply my equation is the imprint between rationality and creativity to launch those who want success with the vision of a horizon that stands out from the ordinary ...

followers, likers, lovers, all these generations surf the net like a raft in search of a landing place.

My experience leads me to offer a job that stands as a light of a beacon for companies that want to stand out on customers who surf the net in search of quality services

if my words reach you with a bewitching echo, check it out by contacting me ...

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"The question of whether Machines Can Think... is about as relevant as the question of whether Submarines Can Swim."
Dijkstra (1984) - The threats to computing science

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