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the future operating system from microsoft

microsoft windows12

Windows 11 has been out for just over a year and we are already talking about windows12

As always, news about new releases from microsft always arouses a lot of interest, although not everyone uses the operating system created by Bill Gates in the 80s. Windows 11 was released in October 2021 and today, in March 2023, one year and half away the first (unofficial) rumors about the new operating system begin to emerge.

Microsoft seems interested in moving towards a three-year release cycle for its Windows, so Windows12 (or Next Valley, if you prefer) is expected in the second half of 2024. We don't know many details about the next "major" version of Windows, however there is clearly a lot of interest in the subject of minimum system requirements, especially after increasing of weight on Windows 11 (with the TPM 2.0 requirement) and cutting out millions of relatively recent and performing computers.

The main difference may be in artificial intelligence. Microsoft has in fact invested many billions in OpenAI, which is already revolutionizing every area of the company, from Bing Chat to the AI capabilities of Skype. In Windows12, we could see AI touching every part of the operating system. Some AI features are already present in Microsoft. Windows 11, for example, includes AI-enhanced voice typing as an accessibility feature, and AI helps improve background blur and noise reduction in Teams. Not to mention Bing Chat, which in Windows 11 is integrated directly into the search bar. For Windows12, Microsoft could leverage artificial intelligence in the area of productivity. For example, featured, notifications and widgets to provide more relevant information and create planning based on usage patterns.