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  Italian national day for the safety of care and the assisted person

care assisted person

World Patients Safety Day is celebrated on 17 September, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to urge all countries to support attention and information on safety by organizing events and initiatives nationwide.

World Day was established by the 72nd World Health Assembly

The slogan, that is the theme of this edition (2022) is Medication without harm: Patient Safety Day 2022 (WHO). The objectives are multiple: to increase knowledge for safe drug management, to raise awareness on the activities for the safety of treatments, to encourage the adoption of the drug list

Unsafe therapeutic practices and medication errors are a leading cause of avoidables damage in healthcare around the world. Medication errors can cause severe patient harm, disability and even death. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly exacerbated the risk of harm and drug-related medication errors. It is in this context that "Drug Safety" was chosen by WHO as the theme for World Patient Safety Day 2022, with the slogan: Drug Safety "Drugs without harm". The safety of care is a priority objective pursued at the center of the planning and management of health services; the continuous commitment to patient safety and clinical risk management are therefore fundamental vectors for the implementation of clinical governance policies, in particular for the prevention of adverse events and, more generally, for the quality of health services.