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Gabriele Romano

Sabaudia (2021)

photo Sabaudia 1 Gabriele Romano
photo Sabaudia 2 Gabriele Romano
photo Sabaudia 3 Gabriele Romano

photo Sabaudia 4 Gabriele Romano

photo Sabaudia 5 Gabriele Romano

I visited Sabaudia in October 2021. I was somewhat impressed by the whole coast of the province of Latina in general but above all by Sabaudia. It is a very beautiful town because it is between two lakes and the sea and it is also the only town that has dunes in this area and this makes it a unique landscape of its kind... Sabaudia is part of the Circeo National Park.

Marina di Latina (2021)

photo Marina di Latina 1 Gabriele Romano
photo Marina di Latina 2 Gabriele Romano
photo Marina di Latina 3 Gabriele Romano

photo Marina di Latina 4 Gabriele Romano

photo Marina di Latina 5 Gabriele Romano
photo Marina di Latina 6 Gabriele Romano

photo Marina di Latina 0 Gabriele Romano

I am not a photographer but I am a computer scientist. As such I love photography as an expression of digital art, and I love capturing the memories of my moments and travels. I don't have professional equipment but my cameras and my skills allow me to create that touch of photo editing that everyone can appreciate.

Photography - Gabriele Romano

All the photos shown on this site were taken by me; therefore they are covered by copyright and use without authorization is prohibited.

" Good photographers are rare and indefinable, but they always have one trait in common, that of going beyond oneself, of being more than what could be, of having this little “music”… in short, to be somewhat miraculous. After all, those who are called "great photographers" are only those to whom this lucky accident has come a great number of times, because taking a good photo is always winning the gamble. The gamble of the encounter, of immediate understanding, of its instantaneous transcription. "
Jeanloup Sieff

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